YaShip Shipping

Welcome to YaShip




The plugin added yaship shipping service in woo commerce. This included implementation of yaship API’s. It will gives real time shipping rates and generate shipping label for shipment. It also allow to print the shipping label. Return shipment fuctionality is also present which will generate return shipment label. This plugin allow to print multiple labels as bulk print to wordpress admin.


1. Quick Quote 

This pop up window will appears when user will install the yaship module first time. It gives the general idea about how yaship will work, i.e. it will get two destinations(from and to postal codes) with package dimensions as an input and displays real shipment rates of this package for entered destination.

2. Print Label Option 

After order is placed, shipment is placed and label or labels will be generated. The plugin user will be able to print label or labels from order page. Also he can print label or labels of more than one order at once using bulk print.

3. Return functionality 

If for any reasons order needs to be return back then the package can be returned from return shipment sub-tab by selecting approprioate order and its products. A return label will be generated when return shipment is is requested.

Note: Admin can also test APIs with test mode at registration page